5 Things To Do When Your Photo Shoot Day Doesn’t Go As Planned

first day of spring covered in snow


So, you’ve been gearing up to get your family photos done. You’ve been scouring the interwebs for the perfect photographer, collecting beautiful outfits that look perfect together, and finding a day that works with everyone’s crazy, busy schedule. You did it! You planned your session perfectly to a T. You’re all ready to go when suddenly you hear from the news that your picture perfect photo day is going to have inclement weather. You have got to be kidding me! All of that planning and preparation and now you have to figure out yet another date for these pictures that you just want hanging up on your living room wall already.


What in the world are you going to do??


Stay calm, I’ve got you covered. Were going to go over 5 different things to do when your photo shoot day doesn’t go as planned. Being a wedding and portrait photographer, I see inclement weather often and have had my fair share of rain checks over the years. I immediately can sense the disappointment of a client needing to push back their session because it is the first day of spring but it’s looking more like the first day of the snowmageddon. So lets get into what we can do when your day does not go as planned.


  1. Assess the situation. Is it a light drizzle? Are you able to see your hand in front of your face? Is it dangerous to drive in? These are all very important things to figure out as weather changes rapidly and is not always reliable. It is always good to be prepared and look a week or two in advance before your session,  just do not rely on exactly what the weather says at that point in time. 24-12 hours before your session time is a much more reliable window of time to base the inclement weather information off of.
  2. Communicate. Communicating with your photographer before your session is vital;  weather can be temporary or temperamental. I strongly advise you to be speaking with your photographer a week before, the day before, and again the day of your session. I would not call your session a bust until you and your photographer have spoken and assessed the weather conditions together. There is always something that can be done if proper communication is in place.
  3. Go with the flow. You’ve assessed the weather and lets just assume it’s gloomy and drizzly out. After communicating with your photographer, don’t postpone that session! Let’s grab some clear umbrellas and take your chic new outfits for a spin! Having a picture perfect day is all about capturing the moments with your family as they’re happening, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be 82 and sunny. Your photographer will make your images look absolutely stunning with those adorable umbrellas, splashing in the puddles, maybe even getting dirty.
  4. Eyes on the prize. It can be disappointing when you’ve had this vision of exactly what you’ve wanted in your head and now you may be surrounded by snowflakes, Us photographers can completely empathize. We have visions in our head of exactly how we want your session to be as well! You’ve given us your details, your likes and dislikes, we’ve gone over locations, the last thing that is on our minds is the weather. Being sure to keep an open mind helps you to venture into a more stylistic approach of your photos. These images are not going to be your classic holding hands looking at mom. These images are going to be completely different from what you were expecting but in such a unique way.
  5. Have fun! Whether you and your photographer have planned to keep the day and go with the flow that is inclement weather or you chose to forego your originally scheduled session – have fun! You’ve scheduled that day to capture your family at this stage in your life, enjoy and have fun with it! If the weather is too terrible for your photo shoot to happen that day then enjoy each other’s company and make a fun day out of it. Family time is so precious and invaluable; at times it can be one of those things we take for granted but make it a point when your schedule your session for it to be all about your family. Being caught up in the hustle and bustle of life can cause us to get in our heads and become frustrated with outcomes we are unable to control (like the weather). Instead, if your session has to be pushed back, plan a family movie night, build a fort, have a game night, the options are endless! Just be sure to keep the focus the exact same as it would have been at the photo shoot – family memories.


There you have it. We cannot always plan for perfect weather but we can most certainly make the best out of our situations at whatever cost. So if you start to feel the sting of disappointment when everything you have planned for suddenly starts crashing down around you; just remember we can either go with the flow of whatever weather mother nature has in mind for us or we can focus on spending quality time with our family.


 snow day on the first day of spring snow day on the first day of spring snow day on the first day of spring

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